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During our more than half a century of history we have been able to maintain and strengthen our social commitment, offering the highest quality in our products, taking care of our natural environment and the people, thanks to whom we are able to make this possible.

Responsible Production

  • Adaptation of crop management to our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Biological control and integrated production.
  • Optimization of water use both in fertigation and packing.


  • Certification of the Water and Carbon Footprint of our crops.
  • Energy Efficiency Plans.
  • Installation of photovoltaic solar panels in headlands and warehouses.


  • Biodiversity Conservation Action Plans on farms.
  • Nest boxes and shelters for insects and reptiles.
  • Reforestation of slopes and growing of floral strips.

Circular Economy

  • Management of waste generated and reduction of the use of plastic materials.
  • Recyclability of containers and packaging.
  • Plans to reduce the impact on Climate Change.

Impact on Society

Employment and local suppliers

Committed to training

University agreements and Vocational Training Institutes

Labor integration

Multicultural environment

Equality plans

Different capabilities


Promotion of Cultural and Sports Activities

Promotion of Solidarity Activities

Associations and Social Organizations


Conciliation Center

Promotion of healthy habits

Biodiversity Improvement Plan

We have been cultivating since 1968, committed to our society and the immediate environment.

Grupo Paloma is the result of the shared efforts of a large family.

Our team

  • More than 1.900 employees.
  • Qualified professionals to lead.
  • Equitable team.
  • Socially conscious.
  • 100% of our company certified by Grasp Social Standards and Sedex Smeta.
  • Stable and quality employment.

Health and Safety

  • The physical and mental well-being of our team is one of the pillars of our People Management.
  • Road Mobility and Personal Transportation Plans.
  • Joint Health and Healthy Habits Program.
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions.


  • Promoting talent and career advancement.
  • Training is the main vehicle that has allowed us to grow.
  • In 2020, more than 1.200 people were trained in our companies, always during working hours to facilitate work-life balance and quality of life.
  • Professional internships.

More than 1.900 people

95% permanent

49% men 51% women

Good social practices


  • 30 children per month in our classrooms.
  • 20 families have trusted us.
  • Vacation School and non-teaching periods up to 8 years old.
  • More than 600 children since 2004.


  • Equality Plans since 2010.
  • For non-discrimination and integration.
  • Sensitization of our entire team.
  • Adhered to “Companies for a society free of Gender Violence”.


  • Works Councils for more than 40 years.
  • Suggestion boxes.
  • Awareness campaigns for the whole team.
  • Members of Proexport, Apoexpa and Fepex.

Pioneers since 2004 with Conciliation Center
“Antonio Hernández Muñoz”, from 0 to 3 years old for all the children and/or grandchildren of our team.

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